A blog for those who were raised in two different cultures: Mexican and American.

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optimusprimecake said: I like how you handled that ask. I've heard this stuff before and I hate it, it came up a lot when i was a kid it's not a good feeling when it's said. and it just sort of stays in the air and makes me feel like people forget we're people/individuals not a messed up racial caricature. I still have trouble trying to forget the stuff people try to pin on me/my race/ethnicity, so it's nice that you answered it reminding people we aren't all thug stereotypes that apparently isn't said often enough.

Thank you! It’s a bit disappointing to know that people with similar cultures are being judgmental towards each other. I hope they will one day realize they’re being unfair. What you said about them forgetting that we’re people and not racial caricatures is so true. Acting like that with each other is like the poor stealing from the poor. It will help and solve nothing. -Mark

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Anonymous said: Que es chicano??? Soy latina y vivo en ee.uu pero ninguno de sus post me da risa :/

Chicano is just anther word for a person of Mexican descent. I’m sorry you don’t find our posts funny. Maybe send in some post suggestions? Our submission and ask links are always open!

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Anonymous said: Los mexicanos hacen quedar mal a todos los latinos. ¿Porqué no dejan de jodermos la vida? Sean normales y dejen de hablar spanglish es una completa estupidez. Por su culpa todo el mundo generaliza a los latinos y nos tildan de rateros y de maleducados.

Is it okay if I respond to this in English? I’m going to anyway. Okay. So I think what you’re trying to say is that Mexicans are at fault for giving Latino people a bad name. Personally, I don’t think that’s correct. I have a problem with that. I’m sorry, but it’s kind of rude to assume that every single Mexican gives Latino people a bad name and that we are all thugs and hooligans. I’m sensing some internalized anger that you have against people that call you Mexican when you’re not. I’m sorry for that. Truly. You should be bothered by THOSE people, not the entire Mexican population. Why be against each other when all of us are still being judged for our skin colour in some places?

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"Como chingas."
Ancient Mexican Proverb (via karinavonpeet)

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Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on @jenniduhh racial tweets on twitter?

She is insanely racist. She claims she isn’t.

You can’t really say the things she said and think you can get away with it. Calling people “filthy Mexicans” over something silly like soccer is stupid. That’s my view on this whole thing. What do you guys think? -Mark

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